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  • Tacoma 1995 - 2004
  • 4Runner 1996 - 2002 

Toyota's 5VZ (3.4L) V6-cylinder engine now has the option for an Intake Manifold Spacer Kit offered by Anderson Engine Solutions. This Toyota Tacoma/4Tunner intake manifold runner is an aftermarket "bolt-on" item without major modification to the engine.


Disclaimer: Minor things such as untapping the wiring harness make be needed during assembly.


This product features:

- Direct fit to OEM air box/plenum or compatible to aftermarket cold air intake system.

- 6 Port CNC machined runner Delrin (POM-C) 1.00" thick

- OEM Toyota Intake Gaskets with the kit for proper sealing.

- 20 + Count Additional Hardware

- 1/4" Steel brackets formed by CNC hydraulic press (ASTM Spec. A-569) for Intake support

- 2 EGR mounting flanges with OEM gaskets.

5VZ Runner Kits for Tacoma/4Runner (V6 - 3.4L)

  • The Advantages of High Performance Delrin (POM-H)

    • Temperature resistance (up to 250F max)
      • Prevents excessive heat transfer
    • High Material Stiffness
    • Low Friction & Wear
    • Fatigue Resistant
    • Chemical Resistant
    • Dimensional Stable
    • Low moisture absorption


    After installation, the additional length of the intake port air flow path allows for the 5VZ engine to reach max torque at a lower engine speed. This decreases the need to operate the vehicle at higher RPMs to achieve a max engine performance and increases drivability of the truck overall while promoting better low end torque/mileage per gallon (MPG)

    NOTE:This is not C.A.R.B. approved. Not for street use in California. This product shall not be used in a manner that violate Federal EPA Laws and regulations.

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