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Want more Torque and better throttle response from idle mid range!

The Toyota's 2RZ and 3RZ (2.4L/2.7L) inline 4-cylinder engine now has the option for an Intake Manifold Spacer Kit offered by Anderson Engine Solutions. This Toyota Tacoma intake manifold runner is an aftermarket "bolt-on" item without major modification to the engine.

Disclaimer: Minor things such as untapping the wiring harness make be needed during assembly.


This product features:

- Direct fit to OEM air box/plenum or compatible to aftermarket cold air intake system.

- 4 Port CNC machined runner Delrin (POM-C) 1.75" thick with gasket groove.

- OEM Toyota Intake Gaskets with the kit for proper sealing.

- 30 + Count Additional Hardware

- 1/4" Steel brackets formed by CNC hydraulic press (ASTM Spec. A-569) for Intake support

- 2 EGR mounting flanges with OEM gaskets. Include high heat flex piping extension.

- 5.6K Ω x 1/4 W and 10K Ω x 1/4 W resistor

- 3.00 Diameter x 5.00" long 4 Ply silicon intake extension (air plenum to throttle body)

- 3/8" Hose ID x 3/8" Hose ID Black Hose Connector

- Additional length 1/4" ID fuel line extension with mounting extension

- Additional length 3/8" ID PVC Hose.

- Additional length 5/8" ID Hose for positive crankcase ventilation.

- Additional hose clamps for all hose.

(2000-2004) Tacoma 2RZ/3RZ Intake Manifold Spacer Kit

  • The Advantages of High Performance Delrin (POM-H)

    • Temperature resistance (up to 250F max)
      • Prevents excessive heat transfer
    • High Material Stiffness
    • Low Friction & Wear
    • Fatigue Resistant
    • Chemical Resistant
    • Dimensional Stable
    • Low moisture absorption


    After installation, the additional length of the intake port air flow path allows for the 2RZ/3RZ engine to reach max torque at a lower engine speed. This decreases the need to operate the vehicle at higher RPMs to achieve a max engine performance and increases drivability of the truck overall while promoting better low end torque/mileage per gallon (MPG)

    NOTE:This is not C.A.R.B. approved. Not for street use in California. This product shall not be used in a manner that violate Federal EPA Laws and regulations

    If required to maintain emission standards with an exhaust gas recirculation system, you must also purchase the modified EGR tube listed as  " 95 - 04 (2RZ/3RZ) Modified EGR Tube (To Pass Emissions)" on our products page. Please allow for up to 10 business day for the tube to be purchased and modified on our end, as this is a made to order item. 

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